Centre Manager Welcome

Michael Murray

On behalf of the committee, I would like to welcome all athletes and their families to the 2020-2021 season.  Last season we were faced with unprecedented weather and Covid 19 restrictions.  Although Covid 19 is still playing a major role in when and how we start, we are hopeful of running a full season.  We have set a tentative date of 11th September to start our 2020-2021 season.  The committee will all be undertaking Covid 19 training so that we are ready to go and able to keep our athletes, families and volunteers as safe as possible.  The committee will be striving to provide a fun inclusive atmosphere where we can help develop our current and future athletes.   We also have some very exciting developments in regards to our grounds and facilities which we will be sharing with you shortly. 

helensvale little athletics volunteer helper

The committee is made up from volunteers who give up their time to ensure that the club is up and running throughout the whole season. If you feel you would like to be a part of the committee please speak to a current member for more information.

HLA Centre Committee Members 2020/2021 Season

Centre Manager: Michael Murray
Assistant Centre Manager: Tracey Phillis
Secretary: Karen Viller
Assistant Secretary: Natasha Holland
Treasurer: Trish Mackey
Registrar: Deb Barrow
Assistant Registrar: Tracey Phillis
Recording Officer: Michael Murray
Programme Officer: Samantha May
Carnivals Officer: Alana Brown
Equipment Officer: Michael Murray
Fundraising Officer: Alana Brown and Natasha Holland
Grants Officer: Trish Mackey
Uniform Officer: Tracey Phillis
Canteen Convenor: N/A
Assistant Canteen: N/A
Blue Card Officer: Karen Viller
Head Coach: Tracey Phillis
Assistant Head Coach: Michael Murray
First Aid Officer: Lisa McGarrigle, Deb Barrow, Cassie Balo, Natasha Holland

General Committee Members:
Anna Black
Annalisa Riwaka
David Bynge
Lauren Cassidy
Teresa Green

Life Members:
Leanne Handsaker (2006)
Steve Handsaker (2007)
Lyn Donnelly (2008)
Paul Donnelly (2008)
Heather Truskinger (2008)
Natasha Evans (2015Karen